Starting again

So here I am, (another) fresh start in the blogging world. I’m not the best writer so please bear with me!
The day started with a tearful nursery drop off from the little man followed by sitting in traffic for nearly two hours on a journey that should take 20 minutes! Just what I needed on a miserable Tuesday morning.
Breakfast at work was chopped strawberries, quark sweetened with sweetner and vanilla, a crumbled alpen light (1/2 healthy extra B) and a drizzle of Walden farms chocolate sauce. This is definately my favourite breakfast! It keeps me full until lunchtime and tastes more like a dessert then a healthy breakfast 😃  

Lunch was homemade tomato and lentil soup with ham and pickled onions with a satsuma.   

Dinner was slow cooker chilli that would normally be Syn free but I was trying to clear the freezer out so used ordinary lean mince (instead of extra lean mince). I served that with cauliflower rice as I was doing an extra easy SP day.

Haven’t decided yet if I’m using my Syns on ice cream or chocolate yet but either way il enjoy! Will keep them below 8 today to make up for the kebab I had on Saturday! It’s that time of the month and I’ve had some crappy news today so need to be extra careful that I don’t eat my feelings like I would usually do.
K x


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