Frozen fever

Well today has been wet and windy and miserable!! Wednesday’s are my home days with Oliver so we spent the morning getting tea ready while dancing round the kitchen to Christmas songs, making soup for the freezer stock and doing some house work. It’s one of those days where you just need to light some candles, get cozy under the blanket and not go further than the front door… So that’s exactly what we did!!  

Oliver has developed a bit of an obsession with frozen (or ‘cold’ as he calls it) so we watched that, four times, while playing with cars, trains and doing some colouring in. I think it’s safe to say I know now EVERY word! 
Breakfast was strawberry cheesecake pancakes. This is my Syn free pancake recipe (see the recipes page) with sweetened quark and chopped strawberries. It’s nearly as good as the ones we us on honeymoon at the IHOP, maybe.


Lunch was last nights chilli leftovers with cauliflower rice, 2 Syns for this as the mince wasn’t extra lean.

And dinner was slow cooker chicken dinner! This is one of my faves because it’s so easy and filling, there’s always leftovers and I know Andys getting some veg in him! 



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