Bore off IBS

I have suffered with IBS since I was a kid. Every one in my family suffers with stomach problems. If I’m happy, excited, nervous or scared my stomach goes, I get major pains and I have to be near the toilet (you get the gist). So after getting some crappy news on Tuesday night I’ve been feeling crappy ever since. 

Curled up in a ball at my desk with my hot water bottle, trying to do some work was the last thing I wanted to do, but as I went out in the morning I had to spend the rest of the day playing catch up! Luckily today I’m only on a half day so I’m planning on coming home, having some lunch and having a nap! (Literally one of my fave things to do!)


(This is George my hot water bottle, I keep him at work to help with IBS flare ups) 
Breakfast yesterday was the same as usual (sweet quark, berries and an alpen light)

Lunch was homemade tomato and lentil soup with ham and pickled onions but I left most of ithem as I wasn’t feeling great 

After picking my munchkin up from nursery, we came home and watched cold (or her watched cold and I fell asleep!) 

By yesterday evening I was craving carbs and comfort food! So I made up a quick chicken and tomato pasta with my healthy extra A of cheese, I think because I haven’t had real pasta in so long I enjoyed it even more! 

Treats yesterday were a second alpen light bar, a Freddo for 5 Syns and a kinder choco Bon for 1.5 Syns, and I think I was asleep by 9.30!! 



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