Weigh day and some ice cream!

I was on a half day at work yesterday, which was a bonus as I still wasn’t feeling great and the weather was awful, so I came home at lunchtime and curled up on the sofa with my lunch and Netflix!!  

Today the hubby has been working alllll day so me and the munchkin had (another) lazy, homey day. Although we haven’t had any snow (yet) it’s FREEZING outside! Not the weather for toddler trips out if you ask me, so we watched frozen (3 times) and I introduced him to toy story, which made a nice change!! 

This mornings weigh in was a good one. I’m 2 lbs down from last week and only 1lbs off may Xmas mini target!

Breakfast this morning was a slimming world friendly, Syn free one. SW sausages, beans, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and the eggs. Although I had to share the sausages with Oliver 


Lunch was last nights chicken curry (see Recipes ) with cauliflower pilau rice 


Dinner was slow cooker pulled pork with Syn free BBQ sauce, Syn free coleslaw, sweet potato chips and a side salad 

As it’s weigh day I’ve had a treat of some of the AMAZING Ben and Kerry’s pumpkin cheesecake ice cream. Back in the day I could have easily polished off a whole tub in one sitting, but today I was quite happy with a few spoons. Maybe times are changing?? 



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