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Date Night cut short

This morning was a relatively late start going off the last few weeks, Oliver didn’t wake up until 7.45 so i got a bit of a lie in! (YAY!)


But who could resist this face in the mornings? He makes the morning get ups SO worthwhile!

After cooking Andy and Oliver sausage sandwiches for breakfast (it was Sunday treat day!) I cooked myself some magic syn free pancakes (see recipe here) with berries and Walden Farms pancake syrup, this is by far one of my favourite breakfasts so it was my treat day too.



I made the most of Olivers nap time with some ‘me’ time! a cup of gingerbread green tea (my FAVE) and a book, perfect way to spend a sunday morning if you ask me!


On the menu for lunch today for me and the little man was some home made tomato and lentil soup from the freezer stock (see recipe). I had mine with some shredded chicken, he had his with a cracker bread, and we both followed it up with some apple and satsuma. 5 mummy points to me for a healthy lunch!


After a quick trip to Tescos (which inspired my Slimming world shopping list essentials post here we came home and I threw together Olivers tea and my Lunch for tomorrow, syn free spag bol, he had  his with pasta and I added some courgette spaghetti to my lunchbox as I’ll be doing an EESP day. He wolfed his down and asked for more, its been a good day on the Toddler food front!

The hubby wanted to go out tonight, so he’s roped in the in-laws to mind Oliver tonight and we went out to our local indian. The food is lovely but as Andy has been going there for so long (and sometimes so often!) that we have to make chit chat with the owner, who is a lovely man, its just a bit awkward sometimes when your gob is full of food!!!

Any ways I stuck to plan and had a chicken Rogan Josh, boiled rice and a side salad, i steered clear of Andys chips and garlic Naan (GO ME!) but then his phone rang with a call out so we had to head home as soon as we were finished.


So now I’m home and typing this, Andy has had to go on a call out as someones electrics are smoking. My plans for the rest of the evening are to go and take my make up off, get my PJs on and catch up with Nashville… BLISS!

Have a good evening everyone

K x



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