Slimming world shopping list essentials

After a quick trip to tescos today,  I thought I’d share what I consider to be my slimming world friendly, shopping basket essentials!
1) quark – you either love it or hate it! I am a lover. This fat free cheese takes on the taste of whatever you mix with it, I add garlic, salt and mixed herbs for a mayo alternative or vanilla and sweetner as a yogurt alternative. Especially good as its SP friendly

2) sugar free squash – I don’t particularly like drinking plain water so I add no added sugar squash to my water bottle most of the time to make sure I’m keeping hydrated

3) Alpro dark chocolate almond milk – 200mls of this stuff can be used as a healthy extra A. I heat it up and add the salted caramel flavouring (4) for a Syn free salted caramel hot chocolate! It’s also amazing in porridge. The salted caramel flavouring is good mixed in quark or added to a coffee.

5) Pasata – I use this as the base for most of my meals, I’m not exaggerating when I say I can go through 4 cartons a week! Good job it’s cheap!!

6) Strawberries – a Syn free speed food that’s an amazing sweet fix, I have strawberries most days for breakfast.

7) Alpen light bars – I tend to use my healthy extra B choice on these (2 bars = 1 HEB), sometimes crumbled on top of quark and berries for breakfast or sometimes as a snack when I’m craving a sweet something

Obviously I haven’t included my entire shopping list but they’re the little extras that I always seem to buy!


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