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Loosing weight is a journey, everyone’s journey is different and the fuel for the journey? It’s motivation. 

Search #swinsta or #slimmingworld on Instagram and your near enough guaranteed to find someone asking for help because their determination has gone, or because they’ve gone of track and need help finding their way again.

I have a collection of things that I do to keep myself motivated so I thought I’d share them on here for any one else who is maybe struggling a bit 

  1. Post my weekly weigh in results on Instagram – when I attended group, my main motivation factor would be knowing that if I had a loss of a gain would be announced in class in front of maybe 20 people. By putting my results on Instagram then that number is multiplied by however many people are using the slimming world hashtag.  
  2. Write out my goals – when I first started slimming world in April, I wrote a list of goals and reasons why I wanted to loosed weight. If I find myself struggling then I take a few minutes to myself and re write them. It makes me stop and think about if the chocolate cake or chips are really worth it.
  3. Before and after pics – looking at comparison pics is one of the biggest motivational tools I can recommend, it allows you to physically see how far you’ve come and to see what other people see! If anyone out there is at the start of their journey then please take pictures! You’ll hate every moment of it now but you’ll be so pleased you did a few weeks down the line!   
  4. Weightloss tracker – I did a little grid on the computer, for each pound I loose I coulour in a little square. Other people have “lost” and “to loose” jars where they move buttons or beads from one to the other. do some fab little stickers to stick on the jars


          5. Window shop – I will look online for an outfit that wouldn’t look good on me at the moment but that I will buy when I get to target.



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