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My nighttime skincare routine 

Since carrying out this skin care routine my skin has cleared up SO much! So I’d thought I’d share it because if it works for me it might work for someone else! 


Here’s my before shot with a face full of makeup!

 I start off by taking my make up off with  micellar water on some cotton pads. At the moment I’m using this L’oreal one, but the Garnier one is just as good. If I’m wearing a lot of eye makeup or a waterproof mascara I will use an eye makeup remover as well, the best one I’ve found so far is the Nivea double layer one.

I prefer to double cleanse as its the only way my skin feels properly clean, so I follow up the micellar water with the NSpa hot cloth polish. It’s from Asda but this stuff is so good!!


I rub this into my dry face in circles then wet a cloth or flannel with hot water and gently wipe it off. Any makeup or daily grime that is left on your face just melts off. I seriously cannot recommend this stuff enough!

  Then I use this facial oil, which is also from the NSpa range, it smells AMAZING! I rub a couple of drops of this between my hands and then press it into my face.

 My eyes are one of my biggest problem areas, I use so much concealer trying to cover up dark circles and puffiness that I decided to treat myself to this eye cream, it helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. I pat a small amount underneath each eye and on my eyelids

  At the moment I’m using this Garnier night cream, which is actually more like a gel. It’s really refreshing to put on and sinks into my skin straight away
My final step is lip balm, I can’t stand having dry lips so I keep tubes of this EVERYWHERE! this is my favourite lip balm at the moment, there’s no smell or scent but it just feels like it’s really getting the job done!

And there’s an After of me with my scrubbed up face, what a delightful sight that is! 



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