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A cold monday

Why do Monday mornings exist??? Yesterday was FREEZING! Literally. I opened the front door as I was running late for work to see my car needed defrosting. Which got my day off to a fabulous start (sarcasm) 

Breakfast was the usual sweet quark, strawberries, raspberries, crumbled alpen light (1/2 Healthy extra B) and Walden farms chocolate sauce (Syn free). I love this breakfast as its EESP friendly, it keeps me full until lunchtime and it feels like a pudding! Thumbs up all round.

Our office is SO cold! The sock situation is getting a bit ridiculous ( 3 pairs + tights!). It’s got to the stage where I’ve asked for a foot warmer for Christmas. Lunchtime rolled round and it was a Tupperware job as I was too cold to tip into a real life bowl (also to cold to consider washing it up!) but it was courgetti bolognese. Syn free but messy, I look like a child whenever I eat it!  

An emergency shopping trip to go and get a birthday present resulted in the birthday present, some frozen chocolates for Olivers advent calendar and a new face serum for me. I think I have a spending problem! Andy text yesterday to say he had had a bad day and wanted kebab so the meal plan went out of the window yesterday and I had Slimming world burger, salad, Syn free coleslaw (made with quark) and Kraft light thousand island sauce (tastes just like Big Mac sauce! And it’s 1/2 a Syn per tbs)


Then I had THIS amazing creation for pudding!! Caramel cheesecake and it was to die for!! 

I melted an alpen light in the microwave for a few seconds and pressed it into the base of the dish. Topped it with quark mixed with 1/2 a park of white chocolate options and added caramel sauce (walden farms) and marshmallows to the top. The whole thing was only 1.5 Syns.

Me and Andy  went up to bed at 8.50, it’s getting earlier and earlier. I think that’s a sign we’re actually turning into old people!!! But I took up some treats to finish up the day.  
Attempted orange hot chocolate with my chocolate almond milk (healthy extra a) it was a fail! I think my orange flavouring was bad as the whole thing tasted funky but not particularly orangey. 

Special k chewy bar is 1 healthy extra B. Had 2 HEB yesterday as it was an EESP day.

Kinder chocs are 1.5 Syns each and the Freddo is 4.5 Syns

K x  


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