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Physical violence in the workplace is frowned upon

Today has been a BAD day!!
Oliver went into full on meltdown mode because I dared to give him juice in a cup instead of a carton then I had to sit in 2 hours worth of traffic for what should be a 20 minute journey to work.
General office crappiness and work misery followed and the fact I was on a late shift just made everything seem even worse. Sitting in an empty office on my own until 6pm is just depressing!
Do you ever just wonder how some people function in day to day life? I do, a lot! And some people are so rude! Manners don’t cost anything you know.

 Since starting my job I have become so impatient and short tempered! I need some kind of therapy.

Breakfast was something new! I know, shock horror! I made ham and egg cups after seeing a few people making them on Instagram. They were quick and easy and soooo tasty. Il post the recipe in a bit, they definitely got the thumbs up from me.

Lunch was home made tomato and lentil soup from the freezer with some chicken and an apple.

Dinner was Morroccan meatballs and cauliflower mushroom cous cous. This is soo nice, for a quick weekday meal that’s EESP friendly, I would definitely recommend this.

 As usual I saved all my Syns for this evening. 1.5 Syn cheesecake, caramel Freddo (4.5 Syns) and popcorn (4 Syns). I used my healthy extra A on Syn free salted caramel hot chocolate.


Hope everyone else had a good day!

K x


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