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catch ups and salt dough….

Wednesdays are my day off with the munchkin. And this Wednesday, for a change, we actually had plans!

We woke up this morning and the first thing Oliver wanted to do was watch ‘Cold’ (frozen to everyone else in the world!). Its still on pretty much constantly, however we can alternate it with Up, toy story and Finding Nemo every now and then! its all about progression people.

Breakfast for me was SW magic pancakes (find the recipe here) with strawberries and sweet quark. (Quark mixed with sweeter and vanilla essence)


After Breakfast we headed out (in about a million layers, its SO cold still!) to see one of my best friends who was at home today. Oliver watched some more ‘Cold’ while we had a good catch up then it was time to head home for lunch.

As usual for me, Lunch was leftovers from last night. Slimming world meatballs (from iceland) with a moroccan sauce and mushroom (cauliflower) cous cos. It doesn’t look much but its lovely! one of my new favourites i think.


I really wanted to do something to get Oliver in the Christmas spirit! Its coming whether you accept it or not! So I decided to make Salt dough ornaments. I will do a full post on how i did it but heres a few pics of His happy face and one of the bits we made:

IMG_0326 IMG_0342


I still need to decorate the ornaments, so its not completely festive just yet!

We are going away this weekend for one of our friends birthdays. Its a couples trip with no kids allowed. Pure relaxation! We are going to a luxury caravan in wales, and theres a hot tub! However, I am shitting myself at the thought of wearing a bikini in front of our friends, especially when the other 2 women have amazing figures. But I’m in a better place than i was a few months back and I’m not missing out on the hot tub fun because I’m a wimp!

So tonight I met the girls at Aldi to do the food shop for the caravan, the boys weren’t trusted in this area, and its safe to say this weekend will NOT be on plan. Many, Many, Many syns were brought and while i was out Andy sent me a message to say Oliver had pooed in the bath, this made my night because it happened on his watch! children are delightful….Not.

After shopping I came home and cooked tea. Tonight it was courgetti, tomato sauce and chicken with some cheese for my healthy extra A on top.


Andy now had to go out on a call out so I’m writing this then heading up to do a face mask and paint my nails.

Night all!

K x



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