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A weekend off plan at Talacre beach

Hello! Sorry I’ve been quiet over the last few days! We have been away this weekend for a friends birthday. I wanted to reach my Christmas target before I went so I could eat and drink what I wanted guilt free, and I did it!! I weighed in on Friday at 11stone, my Christmas target reached and 1 stone away from my overall target! 

So after work on Friday we headed to Talacre Beach in Wales. It took just under 2  hours to get there in Friday traffic and bad weather. One of the couples we went with had travelled up earlier in the day so when we arrived the fire was on and the cupboards had been filled! 

The caravan was amazing! Each couple had their own bedroom, there was 2 bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen and living room area, and a hot tub. Friday night we went to the onsite chippy where I shared a portion of chips with Andy and had a peppered steak pie (soooooooooo good!!) but then the alcohol came out! A bottle of Rosé and a far amount of Malibu resulted in a very poorly Kerry. 

On Saturday morning I was suffering, so after puking my guts up (twice) I decided to brave some food. While the others were eating sausage, eggs and bacon, I stuck to my favourite ever pastry (Maple and pecan plait) and coffee. We went out to Rhyll and Llandudno where there were plenty of 2p machines to keep me amused and we stopped off in a tea room for a panini and a coffee at lunchtime. The weather was appalling, heavy rain and strong winds nearly blew us off our feet a few times, luckily I have some weight behind me! 

We went back to the caravan in the early afternoon so we could all chill before dinner, so it was back into the hot tub, which was an experience in rain and sleet! Luckily it didn’t last for long, and as long as you kept your shoulders under the water you stayed warm. Dinner on Saturday was eaten in the sites restaurant. It wasn’t amazing and to be honest we wouldn’t use it again, but it was ok for a one off. I had a goats cheese salad and added chicken to it.

We had so much food back at the caravan that we went back for dessert, I picked at chocolates, crisps and sweets while we played cards against humanity and the logo game.

It genuinely wouldn’t surprise me If I have put on 5lbs + this weekend, but I have enjoyed every moment (except when I was being sick!) so now we’re home with the munchkin we are curled on the sofa and I’m in no mood to cook! Oliver has already had his tea and a Chinese takeaway is looking highly likely, but I’ve worked bloody hard to get to where I am now and I’m using this weekend as a treat, I’m straight back on plan tomorrow! 


 K X


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