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Christmas is on its way!

Evening everyone! Im writing this post on Andys computer for a change (I normally use my phone) because I’m burning my annual christmas CD!

Its not supposed to be an annual thing, I just loose it EVERY YEAR!!! So i thought I would be pro active this evening and multi task.

Oliver opened his first advent calendar this morning! He got very excited at having chocolate before breakfast! 

My coffee tasted a bit funky this morning (not in a good way) which made my hour long sit in traffic even more unbearable. I get serious road rage, especially when people don’t use the right FRICKING LANE! So when i did eventually arrive at work I was in a foul mood, and there was only one thing that was going to help cheer me up…. CHOCOLATE!

Breakfast was chocolate porridge made with HEB of oats, Alpo dark chocolate almond milk with some strawberries and Walden Farms chocolate sauce. I came to the realisation yesterday that now strawberries are out of season I’m going to struggle to get them (DUH) so that puts a spanner in my breakfast plans for the next few months!!


Lunch was bolognese sauce with carrot and courgette noodles, then I had a nap, at work, at my desk. Yes I am one of ‘those’ people. Not professional in the slightest and I love a nap! I needed it after the shitter of a day that I have had today!

I managed to come to an agreement with Andy that if he let me put the christmas tree up he could get a takeaway, so tea had to be something quick and easy. While he ate his donner kebab with chips, i had chicken stir fry with a really nice sauce that i made with soy sauce, 5 spice, tomato puree and cherry pepsi max (along with a few other things) but it was yummy and syn free.

And we’ve spent the last hour putting our christmas tree up!! I LOVE christmas. We brought out christmas tree on our first date so it is always special to me. I was going to wait and put it up with Oliver in the morning but 1) I think he might be a bit young and i could see it being a nightmare and 2) I wanted it to be a bit magical for him, so when he comes downstairs in the morning and the tree is there its more special.



I think we did an ok job on it!

I’m going to bed now to watch Netflix, munch on my alpen lights (second HEB) and a caramel Freddo for 4.5 Syns 

K x 







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