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A crafty day…

Evening all, hope everyone’s good!? 

I’ve had a day at home with the munchkin doing mummy/ toddler things today.

Oliver came downstairs and got to see the Christmas tree for the first time this morning, he LOVED IT! He just looked at it with a kind of Awe, then Andy brought out the chocolate decorations and he threw himself into helping hang those up! I think he just wanted to help so he knew where they were for later! 

After Andy went to work I made Oliver his porridge (with cinnamon) and I had my magic pancakes with defrosted berries, sweet quark and Walden farms pancake syrup and it was DELISH!

Then we spent the morning doing crafty things! It started with making rice crispy cakes except I didn’t read the cereal box before I poured so they were rice crispy/ frosted flake chocolate nests. It was a really good activity to do with Oliver on a rainy day because we always have the ingredients in the cupboard, it didn’t make ‘too’ much mess and we got cakes out of it!! Oliver was eating the mix as I spooned it into each case so I’m guessing he approved!

Then I printed off some Thomas colouring pages to keep him entertained while I did some housework, but he’s got a bit of a cold so was clingy so it didn’t keep him occupied for very long! 

I signed up for toucanbox a few months back and we have had a lot of fun with them. It is a subscription box that fits through the letter box and each one contains EVERYTHING you need to do a craft project inside. You can get them Here.

Our latest one was to build a gingerbread house! You popped out the card shapes, decorated them with glitter glue, sequins and cotton wall snow then assembled it all together, Oliver Loved doing it, especially the glitter glue!

Nap time was not a success today so it was a quick lunch thrown together in the 10 minutes he did actually sleep. It was chicken fajita mix with cauliflower wrap, Syn free and EESP friendly.

I spent the afternoon having cuddles on the sofa watching toy story (twice!) before I made Olivers tea, which was home made chicken nuggets and chips with beans, I will do a post how I made the nuggets soon but they went down well with the munchkin!

Our tea tonight was one of my faves! Steak with ratatouille (find recipe here)

Andys been called out (again!) so I’m taking my bedtime treats up and watching YouTube. 

I’ve got salted caramel hot chocolate (HEA) popcorn is 3 Syns, alpen lights and almonds are 2 healthy extra Bs and the kinder choco bons are 1.5 Syns each. I’m ending today on 9 Syns.

Hope you have all had a good day! 

K x


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