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Non scale victory today!!

Hi! I’m writing this in a very good mood tonight! I wore my size 14 leggings to work and they were falling down ALL DAY!! so I went to Tescos on my lunch and bought a new pair of jeans in a size 12, I didn’t expect them to fit but was going to keep them until my other ones were too big, but I tried them on and they went up my legs! And did up! Easily!! I honestly cannot remember EVER being a size 12! I think I went from kids sizes to a 14 then just went up from there! 

Breakfast this morning was fruit with sweet quark, crumbled alpen light (1/2 HEB) and walden farms caramel sauce

Lunch was last nights leftovers (as usual) shepherds pie topped with carrot and swede mash and some broccoli

Dinner was an amazing fakeaway tonight!! SW donner meat (will be posting the recipe soon!) on a cauliflower wrap, garlic quark, salad and butternut squash chips, Syn free, EESP friendly and soooooooo good!

Pudding was 5.5 Syns of caramel and coconut popcorn (a new discovery) and snuggles on the sofa.
It’s weigh day tomorrow so keeping Syns low, not expecting much after last weekend! 

Night everyone!! 



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