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Manchester Christmas markets and Weigh day

Hi all!! Today started with my weigh in, the result was….. A maintain!! And although it’s not a loss I couldn’t be happier with that! After the way I ate and drank last weekend I was fully expecting a gain of AT LEAST 3lbs. A week of EESP must have paid off! 

So in celebration of my maintain I came downstairs and made myself a Syn free caramel latte (using my HEA) and had a couple of minutes peace before the men in my life woke up (and it was literally a couple of minutes as a storm trooper in clogs would make less noise than Andy). It’s weird to see myself write that a milky coffee is a treat! A few months ago I would think nothing of having a few of these every day with a shit tonne of sugary syrup and whipped cream added. I used skimmed milk, tescos salted caramel flavouring in the milk and Walden farms caramel syrup on top, and it was amazing, who needs Starbucks!? (Me actually I’m just too poor to afford it all the time!)

Breakfast turned into brunch today as I got distracted getting ready to go out but I threw together a very speedy omelette! 


We went to the Manchester Christmas Markets today. I love them so much! It was a bit harder this year as Oliver is at that awkward stage of wanting to walk but with it being SO busy that wasn’t really an option. He was in his pram for most of it (Silver cross wayfarer) but he kept kicking his boots off. Normally I would have just left them off but it was wet and cold so didn’t want to do that. So after I got my candied nuts (amazing!) and Andy got his lamb burger and crepe we headed off down the side streets where it was a little less busy and Oliver could walk. 

Every year we choose a new ornament for the tree, this year we let Olivwr choose it, so we have come home with this little dude:

It may not be what I would’ve chosen for our tree but the fact Oliver chose him makes him special! 

Oliver is now in bed having a nap, me and Andy are snuggled on the sofa watching TV a seating our treats, Him = coconut macaroons (taking sooooo much willpower for me not to eat one!) me = a small handful of candied nuts and a hot blackcurrent green tea (oh how I’ve changed!) I’m I’m trying decide what to do for tea, I’m thinking some kind of jambalaya type thing? I will let you know how it goes! Hope everyone is having a lovely day

K x


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