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How I cope with my IBS

I have suffered with IBS since i was 11. Every one in my family suffers with their stomach. Mine flares up when I’m stressed, or upset, or excited or any emotional extreme really! I get really bad cramps and NEED to be near a toilet (I won’t go into any more detail then that!)

During my exams I spent more time ill and in pain then I did revising, the memories of the preparation for my wedding are tarnished by my memories of my IBS at the time. 

Its upsetting to think that this illness affects even the good times in my life.

I have been to the Doctor about it many times over the years, most of the time I’m fobbed off with keep a food diary and don’t eat what causes flare ups. If it was just food which affected it my life would be a whole lot easier! Other times I have been prescribed tables of varying successfulness.

Now, 15 years later I THINK I am getting the hang of what causes my flare ups and what works best for me to help control them.

Last time I went to the doctors I was recommended a low FODMAP diet, which rules out most fruit and veg, wholemeal grains and dairy. I tried to sustain this kind of diet and I think I lasted….. an hour? If any one out there has stuck to this then I praise you, you deserve a bloody medal. I didn’t see how I could follow this  diet while also eat healthily! The slimming world plan recommends at least 1/3 of every meal is fruit or veg, most of which is ruled out on FODMAP!

So now I follow my own plan of foods that I know I can and can’t eat. I know that I get flare ups when i eat a lot of dairy or oily foods, when i eat foods that are high in fat and when I drink alcohol. I also know that there will be times when I can’t control the flare ups, so the best way that I know how to deal with them FOR ME, is to take 2 buscopan (a drug which helps with stomach spasms) when the pains start and make a peppermint and liquorice tea, try and calm down and think peaceful thoughts and if I’m out and about to get home as soon as I can.

However IBS is such a blanket diagnosis that everyones symptoms and causes are different. If you suffer from this what causes it and what have you found that helps?


K x


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