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Being an angry bitch!!

Argh!!!!!! This is going to be a venting blog I’m afraid!!! Today has been good on the diet front but crap in ALL other ways!! And I started out so positively, posting this on Instagram! 

It started out with me still feeling rough because of my IBS, I was up late and still in pain this morning. Tired Kerry + in pain Kerry = moody Kerry! 

Work has been HECTIC! I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who crossed my path this morning, I was wearing my Death Star and that baby has been known to scare grown men (not even joking). I wish I was one of those people who can hide the fact that they are in a bad mood, but I’m not, I’m about as obvious as an elephant in a flock of sheep! 

Breakfast this morning was berries, sweet quark and a crumbled alpen light (1/2 HEB)

Lunch was my leftover jumbalaya from Saturday (recipe Here) for 1 Syn, loved this! I think it’s one of my new faves.

Dinner was delayed as I was on my own with Oliver who was being a terror! I think both of us were rubbing each other the wrong way, he was ratty and I was ratty, it’s never a good situation for anyone! So I was STARVING by the time it came to deciding what I was going to have, it was a “what can I throw together in the quickest time possible to pas as a healthy tea” and the result was actually REALLY nice!! Peri peri chicken (using Schwartz peri peri seasoning) with butternut squash chips, salad and garlic and herb quark. It was much better than I was expecting it to be! 

There’s leftovers for lunch tomorrow as well which is always a bonus! 

I’m writing this in bed, catching up on new Nashville and guessing I’ll be asleep in the next few minutes! So here’s hoping tomorrow’s a better day! Hope you’ve had a better day than me 

K x 


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