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Work day from hell!

I promise I will stop moaning about work on the 22nd! It’s mad busy and there’s just no let up in it at the moment! BUT I’m not in tomorrow and my nan has arrived from Ireland! My nan is my hero, my inspiration and the person I aspire to be! She is an amazing lady and I love spending time with her and seeing Oliver to spend time with her. However I think I inherited my lack of ability to follow directions from her, so I was trying to direct her from Wales to Wigan around the manic work calls!

Breakfast this morning was the usual berries, sweet quark and a crumbled alpen light (1/2 HEB) with some Walden farms chocolate sauce on top (I needed something to cheer me up this morning).

Lunch was last nights leftovers, peri peri chicken, butternut squash chips and salad.

It was a change of plan for dinner as the slow cooker was turned off!!! The fajita chicken has been cooked this evening for freezer lunches, and it was a deconstructed shepherds pie for tea in the end as its a quick and easy throw it together kind of tea. I topped mine with carrot and swede mash as I’m doing an EESP day today.

After dinner snacks were almonds (HEB) second alpen light ( HEB) malteasers (4.5 Syns) and salted caramel hot chocolate (HEA, Syn free)

I also got these amazing motivational pictures that I’m going to use on here and on my Instagram account! They are designs (from Here) where

you enter your own goals/ measurements/ achievements to keep track and I love them! Will definately be using them going forwards. 
I’m still trying to drink a lot of water and green tea to try and undo some of the damage caused at the weekend. I’m focusing more on not gaining rather than loosing as I have reached my Xmas goal and I don’t want to put TOO much pressure on myself in the run up to Christmas. 
Hope you’ve all had a good day, il be back tomorrow!

K x 


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