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4 stone gone! 

I was fully expecting a gain at yesterday’s weigh in but I was hoping that my good behaviour the rest of the week had minimised any damage from the weekend. So when I got on the scales and saw a 2lb loss I was over the frigging moon! That takes me to 4 stone gone. My goal before Christmas was to get to 11 stone, when I reached that a couple of weeks ago I decided that I would focus on not gaining rather than loosing weight so close to Christmas, So I’m at an advantage now.
With the twisted way that my head works meant that yesterday was filled with treats and things I shouldn’t have eaten so I will spend the rest of the week playing catch up again! Breakfast was fried eggs on white toast with ketchup, lunch was chocolate and dinner was Syn free donner meat with salad and butternut squash chips…… Followed by a mcflurry! 


Of course with naughty treats comes with an IBS flare up which put an end to my eating for the evening (thank god!). And I’ve woken up this morning and got straight back on plan with some magic pancakes with strawberries and sweet quark and I’ve got a chicken soup going in the slow cooker. If it turns out well I will post the recipe.


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