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Jerk chicken and low Syns…


Although today has been a lazy day, it’s been hard work and I’m shattered!

Oliver is under the weather with a cold so he’s all whingey and clingy and doesn’t want to be left alone, which makes every job take 10 times longer. After some morning snuggles in bed we got up and made some breakfast. Cinnamon porridge for the munchkin and Syn free magic magic pancakes with strawberries for me 

While breakfast was cooking I threw all the ingredients for a chicken soup in the slow cooker (recipe Here), which was cooking away all day ready for when I got home.

Today was our annual trip to get our Xmas eve pjs! This is a tradition Andy had with his family which I love! Each year we all go out together to choose our pjs for Xmas eve, Oliver picked an Olaf onesie, I went for pink ones (not Christmassy in the slightest) and Andy got grumpy ones (very apt!). 

Dinner was jerk chicken with tomato and basil cauliflower rice and baked yellow pepper, it was so tasty! And Syn free 

I’m ending today on 3 Syns (for popcorn), keeping them low after yesterday’s blow out! 

Night night folks, see you tomorrow! 

K x 


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