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Murky Monday!

Evening everyone!

My day started with an early morning wake up call from a very snotty munchkin! He wouldn’t be left in his cot when i had to go to work so I put him in bed with Andy watching Thomas on the Ipad (thank god for technology!!)

Coffee and my hot water bottle when i arrived at the office, then i discovered my fave beanies coffee (Irish cream, its LUSH!) was actually decaf! what is the point in decaf coffee? its about as useful as a chocolate teapot. I drank it anyway because it tastes nice and i tricked myself into thinking it was doing the coffee magic. 

 Breakfast this morning was another disaster when i realised i didn’t have any alien lights left at work, so it was boring berries with sweet quark and a drizzle of Walden farms chocolate sauce.


I posted this meme on Instagram earlier, it pretty much sums up my day and work….

   I definately need to work on my stress busting techniques! Anyone have any tips?? 

Lunch was no where near as good as it was when it was last nights tea! most of the time leftovers are even better than the original dish, but this was one of the rare occaions where it didn’t match up. Jerk chicken, tomato and basil cauliflower rice and a salad. Not going to lie most of the rice and salad went in the bin!

Got a delivery of Christmas presents from boots today, there may or may not have been a present from me to me in there…

 It helped brighten my day!

 Tea tonight more than made up for my disappointing lunch! courgetti carbonara with chicken and bacon (recipe here) syn free and EESP friendly. Meaning i have 1.5 healthy extra Bs to use for my evening snacks to help keep my syns low).


I’ve spent this evening playing with Oliver (and what felt like every toy he owns!) tidying and watching The Originals with Andy.

 Ending the night on my syn free salted caramel hot chocolate, 2 alien lights, some almond (1/2 HEB) and some malteasers (4.5 syns) Man i love this diet!!!


K x


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