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Snotty toddlers and snowmen

Evening! Well I’m glad today is drawing to an end! We have had a very snotty, whingey, miserable toddler today. He woke me up at 7 by hollering for me from his court, then crying at EVERYTHING. I think he’s teething or it’s the back end of this cold he’s had, but he had his nursery Christmas party today so we had to drag him to nursery so he could be sociable! 

Breakfast was a mushroom and ham omlette (which fell apart in the pan)

We got Olivers latest toucan box last night so we did that with him today, we made a snowman! It was so much fun, definitely one il be doing again with him.

I didn’t have any lunch as we were out and about at the Trafford centre. 

Tea had to be quick and easy as I was working Arouca grumpy Oliver and Andy and Nans tea (burger and chips) so it was SW meatballs, mushrooms and butternut squash chips.

Doesn’t look like much but it was tasty and filled the hole! 

Then I made a delish pudding of toffee apple French toast, it’s Syn free using the bread as a healthy extra.


Now I’m curled up in bed with my treats and dreading work tomorrow!

Night night! 

K x 



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