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weight gain = more green tea for me!

Hi All! I’ve been a rubbish blogger the last couple of weeks! no excuses, I’m just a crap head!

I thought it was about time i dropped in to say hello and give a little update.

Last week was a good week, maybe a few too many syns on the saturday but it resulted in a 4 lbs loss. This week, had another saturday treat day but then was 100% on plan.. resulted in a 1lbs gain!! So no saturday treat day for me yesterday, stayed 100% on plan, and will be upping my water and green tea drinking this week as i let it go a bit slack last week.
I really do find that drinking green tea helps with my weight loss. not only does it stop me feeling hungry and snacking but it speeds up your metabolism and has some amazing health benefits. Im not overly keen on the taste of green tea so i just add no added sugar squash to it, then it just tastes like hot squash, and an added bonus is it doesn’t matter if you don’t drink it all if it goes cold!

I mainly drink Twinings natural green tea with the squash added, but my other favourite is the Twinings Gingerbread green tea. this stuff tastes SO GOOD! its sweet and spicy, just like gingerbread should be. If your giving green tea a go I would definitely recommend this one!

I might be slacking on here but I’m still posting all my meals over on instagram, so if your on there give me a follow, will try and be a better blogger from now on!

K x


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