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Valentine’s treats

Hi! another blog post, another apology for the lack of posts, I’m sorry!!!!

Im sitting here with a poorly, sweaty toddler on my lap so I thought I would make the most of being sat in front of the computer and drop in for an update!

I lost 2 lbs on saturday, taking me to 10 stone 8, and I’m only 8lbs away from my target. However the following day was Valentines day and I celebrated in style. Andy whisked me away to a Hotel for the night with an all you can eat Chinese meal and pick n mix sweets!

It was straight back on plan on Monday though, with two syn free days and then sensible syns (natural products instead of sweets and chocolate) for the rest of the week. We will see if that can undo some of the damage, heres hoping! I ordered some Nakd bars in some new flavours to see what I think of them. They are all 100% natural, made with dates and nuts and I love the Bakewell tart flavour, so although they are quite high in syns (about 7 each) i am hoping they will be a better answer to my sweet tooth than my beloved freddos!




I tried some new recipes this week, some were experiments, some were variations from recipes that i found online. If they were  success I have posted them in the recipes section (here) so feel free to take a look!

Hope you all have a fantastic week and if you want to see what I’m up to you an probably catch me on instagram (@swkerry23)


K x




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