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Back to reality

 First week down…52 to go!

Hi Everyone, I thought id do a quick catch up as the first working week of the year is coming to an end. As I have had to do extra hours at work this week I have really struggled with trying to stay on top of healthy eating, tidying, cooking for the rest of the family and finding time to be a mum!  

Monday was my first proper day back o n plan. I went back to my old favourite of fruit and sweet quark with a crumbled Alpen light for breakfast. This is still my favourite as the quark keeps me full for ages and it only uses half of a healthy extra. I like to keep my healthy extra Bs for snacking, a special k chewy bar is very nearly as good as a chocolate bar!


I have started drinking unsweetened almond milk this year, you can have a litre of this as a healthy extra A. So most morning drives to work have been brightened up with an amaretto latte, syn free using amaretto nespresso pods and a sweetened (sooooo good! I love my nespresso machine)


I am so determined to shift this Christmas gain that I have started exercising again. I have every intention to do some form of exercise at least 4 times a week. At the moment I am alternating the charlotte Crosby 2 minute belly blitz dvd with a kettlebell workout on youtube. Its not much but its better than nothing!

Oliver had his first proper dentist appointment on Wednesday, he made the most of terrorising the waiting room. We have had issues with nursery drop of times since he went back after Christmas, all his favourite nurses have moved rooms so there have been a few tears and tantrums, im hoping this will get better as he gets to know them. He seems to have matured overnight since his birthday, its ridiculous, he will repeat back nearly any word you say to him, he understands you and you can have a conversation with him. Its so cute watching him play with his toys!


I have been 100% on plan this week, below 12 syns every day and drinking plenty of water and green tea. I always find I have better losses when I drink plenty of water and up the amount of green tea I have.

On Monday Oliver helped me to make a turkey curry, pouring the pasata in the pot, de stalking the mushrooms. We got him a play kitchen for his birthday as he loves to help us cook!  
Tea on Tuesday was one of my new faves! Cauliflower pizza topped with ham, mushroom and onions, served with butternut squash spicy bites and crispy kale. I definitely got my speed in with this meal!

Wednesday was steak and ratatouille, with crispy kale (again!) and thurday was piri piri chicken using the Schwartz spice seasoning, which is syn free, with paprika veggies.


 Tea tonight is in the slow cooker ready for when I get home and its shepherd’s pie topped with carrot and swede mash and fried onions. I love my slow cooker for hassle free meals when im working.
Andy is taking me out tomorrow for our first date night of the year, dinner at our fave restaurant in Manchester. I’m guessing this meal will not be on plan but we don’t have dessert here and it is mostly meat some its no where near as bad as it could be!

Hope you all had a good week and have got over the Christmas slump!

K x


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