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PRODUCT REVIEW: Littles Coffee

  I am a coffee addict! There, I’ve said it, it’s in the open and flavoured coffees are a fab way to fix that sweet craving while keeping the Syns minimal, as long as your getting your coffee fix the right way!

That Starbucks venti mocha frappuccino with whipped cream and a crap tonne of chocolate sauce is definately not going to be Syn free, but a homemade chocolate caramel latte? That can be!
Us slimmingworlders learn all the tricks to make our favourite treats Syn free, so it’s safe to say that I perfected my Syn free coffees pretty quickly. My go to? A flavoured latte. I heat unsweetened almond milk in my milk frother (you can have a litre of it as your Healthy extra A) mix a spoon of flavoured coffee with a tiny bit of boiling water, then add in the milk! 


There’s a few brands of Syn free flavoured coffees about, but so far the best one I have found is Littles. Their flavours are there without being too strong mixed with HIGH QUALITY arabica coffee.

  (My collection!)

Littles coffees are stocked in Waitrose, but I ordered off their website ( there’s something so satisfying about getting a box of goodies though the post (and Littles packaging is so cute!)

I started off by ordering 2 flavours (£2.75 each), chocolate caramel and maple walnut. And I was so impressed by them I’d placed another order for more by the end of the week! And because I had ordered on random a acts of kindness day I got a free jar, sweets AND a 10% off code for next time!

  My fave so far is definately maple walnut. It’s got the definatel maple walnut taste without being overbearingly sweet. In fact I’ve had to order a second jar of this as I’ve been having it every day.


Chocolate caramel was the other flavour I got in that first order that persuaded me I needed more of this in my life. It’s rich, chocolatey with a hint of caramel, it’s my go to when I’m craving something sweet.

I’m sorry Beanies but Littles wins the battle of the Irish cream coffee. It tastes like the Baileys chocolates with coffee on the side, could life get much better than that? 

Havana Rum is also a must-try, it’s amazing, it’s has the flavour of rum just with out the alcohol and makes getting through the working day that bit easier! 

Currently on the Littles website you can get a mix and match box of 6 flavours for £15. If you like coffee then this is one brand I would DEFINITELY recommend 
K x 


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