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Product Review: Oral B 3D White Brilliance


I thought i would give this toothpaste a go after seeing Fleur DeForce recommend it in one of her youtube videos.

Ive been thinking a lot about getting my teeth whitened recently but 1) I’ve heard a lot of the procedures are actually quite painful and can leave you with sensitive teeth and 2) I’m POOR! i can’t afford those expensive treatments! So although I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to products like this, for these reasons I gave it a go.

It claims to remove 80% of surface stains in two weeks as well as preventing cavities and tartar build up.

I got mine from Tescos (normally £3.50 but i ordered when it was on offer for £2.50) but must places sell it for around the same price.


Overall i was impressed! I used a pea sized amount (as instructed) twice a day and these are my results after two weeks. Not sure if you can notice much of a difference on the pictures but i can see a difference myself and I have had a few comments recently. It does leave a slight grainy residue on your teeth if you don’t rinse properly (I woke up late one morning and was rushing) but know where near as bad as some other toothpastes. It also leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. The mint flavour is strong but not so strong that your tongue burns (you know what i mean!)


This is a product that although is more expensive than what I normally buy, i will definitely continue to use.

Have you tried this product? what are your thoughts??

K x



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