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Other people’s opinions

     So the comments have started. The comments that I NEVER thought I’d hear: “you don’t need to loose anymore weight”

“How much more are you planning to loose!?”

“You’re getting too thin girl”

These are some of the comments that people have said to me over the last few weeks. Luckily I am very open about my weightloss journey so I don’t mind answering them but my question is do other people’s opinions and views on my weightloss matter more than my own?  

These are the people who can see my body changing shape from an outsiders perspective and lots of them are people who I know care about me, yet their opinions differ from mine. I have 4 pound left to target but I’m thinking of lowering it once I get there by another 7 pound at least because I don’t feel I’m where I want to be yet.

I remember when my mum lost a lot of weight, and everyone (including me) was quick to tell her that she had lost enough and when she had lost too much, but no one was there to tell her (or me) when we had put enough on? 

It’s very easy to get carried away in the process of loosing weight. Once you start to see changes you feel good and it Spurs you on to loose more so I can see why people do get concerned but I think as long as I’m eating enough and healthily, it’s my body and il decide when I’ve lost enough



3 thoughts on “Other people’s opinions

  1. This exactly what I went through and before you know it you’ll start justifying how much you weigh what you eat why you feel ypu need to be at particular target …I went by the BMI index but the comments went from complimentary to less so …”your looking drawn” “are you ok? you’re not ill are you?” “Dieting has aged you” …
    As you say there was no one to say you are putting on too much weight …
    Maintaining a healthy weight target has been as much effort as the hourney took to travel to it 🙂 x

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