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Quick and easy office lunches

90% of the time my Lunch is leftovers from the night before, eaten at my desk.
So if I’m unprepared it doesn’t just affect me for one day, but normally the next day too. So I thought that I would compile a list of a few low syn or syn free lunches that I can grab on the go, eat / prep on the go, to fill me up and keep me on plan. All of these are EESP friendly as this is the plan I follow most days.

1) Tuna / cooked chicken and a salad pot.

A can of tuna is normally in my desk drawer for situations like these. Chuck it in a ready prepared bowl of salad and you’ve got a syn free lunch

2) Ready made Courgetti, pasata, Italian herbs, cooked chicken.
Mix the pasata with Italian herbs to make a pasta sauce and microwave it all

3) Ham and cheese toastie with salad

This will use your healthy extras A + B but is quick and easy, and some days I just crave bread!

4) Microwave omelette

Ham, mushrooms, cheese (HEA) and eggs, mixed together and thrown in a microwave omelette maker (99p from B&M or home bargains)

5) Jacket potato

Microwave a jacket potato, top with filling of your choice and serve with a side salad. Quick and easy and super filling!!!
Do you have any fall back lunches that I can add to this list? Let me know!
K x


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