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Ok some exciting news this week (for me) I finally got to target!! When I first started I felt like 10 stone was something I would never see. But 11 months and 4 stone 11 pound later, I got there!


Hitting target was like hitting a switch in my head, “right you’ve hit target now eat ALL the food!” Which I did!

Last weekend was Easter so I ate a crap tonne of chocolate and it was my anniversary yesterday, Andy took me out for breakfast and dinner and to the cinema (Helloooooo pick n mix!) and we are hosting a dinner party on Saturday which will definitely be off plan. Around all the bad, I am trying to be good and stick to plan to try and minimise a little of the damage.

I ordered some of the flavour drops from to add into my quark at breakfast, I thought varying the flavour might stop me getting bored of it as its one of the only things that genuinely keeps me full until lunchtime! 

So I ordered peanut butter and white chocolate flavours and holy cow they’re AMAZING! The White chocolate one mixed into quark tastes like cheesecake topping! Will definitely be remembering that one for future pudding ideas, I haven’t tried the peanut butter one in quark yet but I did add it into my Syn free pancake recipe which is what il be having for breakfast today! 

Not only was yesterday my anniversary but I won an Instagram competition! Charbrew tea teamed up with Xocolat to give away 3 of they’re different flavoured fruit teas and 5 bars of chocolate, all I had to do was follow them both (which I already did) and regram this photo

  My prizes are winging they’re was to me as I speak so I will let you know my thoughts on them!
Hope you’ve all had a fab week!

K x


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