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PRODUCT REVIEW: Benefit It’s potent eye cream

Price £25.50 , available in most department stores (benefit counters) and online

As someone who suffers with dark circles under my eyes, I invest a lot in eye creams and concealers which claim to hide, reduce and cover this. This product was recommended to me when I was getting my make up done for my wedding, I brought it then and I have never looked back. It’s like magic in a pot! It’s light weight and incredibly moisturising and it really does reduce those circles. On a bad day I’ll mix the cream with Benefits erase paste concealer  to really make sure they’re covered, because although I love bags… I don’t want to be rocking them under my eyes!

Also on a note that has nothing to do with how this eye cream actually performs, the packaging is super cute! A little glass jar with a plastic lid that looks like cork is also easy to store (I hate tubes which just fall over all the time or with little fiddly lids which I ALWAYS seem to loose!)

So if you’re looking for a new eye cream to try or you suffer with under eye circles then I would DEFINITELY recommend this product!

Have you tried it? Let me know what you think 

K x


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