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Tips and Tricks to actually SEE your weight loss

Since we see ourselves every day, sometimes its hard to actually notice the different ways our bodies change when we loose weight. There is a lot of focus on that bloody number on the scales without necessarily baring in mind the other positive benefits weight loss is having.
This post is some ways that i have to actually see a difference in your body even if you don’t notice it by looking in the mirror.

  1. Take measurements – OK muscle does not weigh more than fat, 1lb of muscle weighs the same of 1lb of fat… BUT 1 lb of muscle takes up a lot less room than 1lb of fat. If you are exercising a lot or you’ve just started at the gym and are building up muscle, the number on the scales might not change but the shape and structure of your body will. Its worthwhile taking hip, stomach, waist, arm and leg measurements throughout your journey to see how your body is changing
  2. Keep an old item of clothing – use this as your starting point then once you start loosing the weight you can use it as a marker for how much you’ve lost. That old pair of jeans that were your old faithfuls but pushed you to start this journey as they were getting a bit snug? KEEP THEM!

    My old jeans, compared to a pair of my new ones
  3. – this website is brilliant! you put in your name and how many pounds you have lost and it tells you a ridiculously random thing that weighs the equivalent. Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.01.43.png
  4. – another website but this time you enter your height and body shape, starting weight and goal weight and it makes the before and after you into little models!Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.04.25.png
  5. Comparison Pictures – although it might be what you want to do at the start of your journey, take lots of pictures of yourself! I didn’t (i was too ashamed!) but i regret it now as i have to use old pics other people took of my from Facebook to use as comparisons, but comparison pictures can make you feel so positive and good about yourself as this is how other people did and now see you!Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.13.10.png

Hope one or some of these tricks can help you to stay on plan and motivated if you ever have those crappy days where you just think “is this really worth it” and want to give up


K x


One thought on “Tips and Tricks to actually SEE your weight loss

  1. This is such a good idea, I’ve just used both the websites you mentioned and they really make you feel better when you’re feeling a bit down ❤ thanks x

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