RECIPE: Baked oats 

Every one has a recipe for this bad boy, want to know why? BECAUSE IT MEANS CAKE FOR BREAKFAST! This recipe is syn free using the oats as a Healthy Extra B.

Its fairly quick and easy to prepare, you can leave it cooking in the oven while you build train tracks with a 2 year old or even prepare it the night before.

35g porridge oats (Healthy Extra B)
2 tbs quark
5 tbs sweetner
1 Egg
Flavouring of choice (I like the MyProtein peanut butter flavour drops or vanilla essence)


1) Mix the oats, quark, sweetner, egg and flavouring together in a bowl

2) Transfer into baking container, I use 2 ramekins but you can use muffin cases or a small loaf tin if you’d prefer
3) Bake on 200 for 25 mins until the top is golden brown
I serve mine with berries, sweet quark and some zero syrup!

Let me know if you give them a go and what other flavour combos you come up with!
K x


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