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PRODUCT REVIEW: MyProtein Flavdrops

After seeing a few Instagram posts on the MyProtein FlavDrops, I decided to give them a go. I have SUCH a sweet tooth so I love finding new low syn ways to satisfy my sweet cravings.  
They are priced at £3.99 and come in LOADS of different flavours. I ordered peanut butter and white chocolate as so far I haven’t found and syn free alternatives for these. I love white chocolate Options hot chocolate powder (2 syns) mixed with quark and was intrigued to see if this would be a good syn free substitute, and I don’t really need to explain the peanut butter one… I LOVE THE STUFF!

The product description says it’s a natural flavour system, and on trying them I can believe that! They are a concentrated burst of flavour and they really do taste like the flavour they’re supposed to be! I added the peanut butter one to my syn free pancakes and the white chocolate one to some quark for an AMAZING breakfast

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and your looking for alternatives for your favourite treats then I would definitely recommend these!
Let me know if you give them a go and what you think!
K x


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