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My top 5 Breakfasts

1) Frozen Raspberries, strawberries, sweet quark and Alpen light 

I love this one! Its my go to most days especially when I’m stuck at my desk at work. I mix some quark with vanilla and sweetener, dollop this on top of my berries and then crumble a chocolatey Alpen light over the top. Because the quark is a protein it keeps me full until lunch and it only uses half of your healthy extra so you have another for snacks later on in the day!

2) Syn Free Pancakes  
This is one of my ‘Me day’ breakfasts. It feels like a real treat and not like its syn free. The recipe for the pancakes is posted in my recipes and I top them with quark, berries and syn free syrup.

3) French Toast  
This is another luxury breakfast that I have as a treat. It does use a full healthy extra B which I normally try to avoid but this is so worth it! Check out the recipe to give this one a go!

4) SW fry up  
It’s a classic, everyone loves a fry up. One of the reasons I love this is because Me and Andy can have breakfast together and I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all! Slimming world sausages, fried eggs, beans and bacon medallions (fat removed) then tomatoes and mushrooms for the all important speed.

5) Granola Bowl  
This is my go to for a super quick brekkie when I’m in a rush. 30g of Special K pumpkin seed granola, almond milk (1/3 of healthy extra A) topped with raspberries, strawberries and chopped apple. It doesn’t look much in the bowl but its more filling than it looks!

There you go, there’s my top 5 breakfasts! 

K x 


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