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PRODUCT REVIEW: PG Tips Green Tea- Strawberry Cupcake and Lemon Pie

I am NOT a green tea fan. I drink it because I believe in the health benefits and because I believe that it helps with my weight loss. When I drink plain green tea, I have to add no added sugar squash to it to cover the taste! And I can JUST manage to drink the Twining’s flavoured ones (sometimes, when I’m in the mood, and If I add sweetener!)
So when I saw these in Tescos I had to give them a go as 

1) they were cheaper than the Twining’s ones (£1.30 for a box of 25 tea bags)

 2) Strawberry cupcakes and Pie of any kind are some of my favourite things!

 3) green tea is Syn free
If there’s something out there that’s healthy, going to help me loose weight AND tastes of lemon pie or Strawberry cupcakes, I’m all in!
Not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting much, it is still green tea after all, BUT I was pleasantly surprised. The lemon pie one really does taste like a lemon pie! I don’t know how they’ve done it but its definitely a lemon PIE taste rather than just lemon. It has the sharp refreshing lemon taste with the warm vanilla flavours of pie. Of the two this one is my clear favourite. 

The strawberry cupcake one has the juicy flavours of strawberry with the sweetness of the icing.

PG Tips have worked some kind of magic on these teabags. If you are a green tea drinker with a sweet tooth then I would DEFINITELY recommend these beauty’s!
Have you tried them? Let me know what you think!
K x


3 thoughts on “PRODUCT REVIEW: PG Tips Green Tea- Strawberry Cupcake and Lemon Pie

  1. So odd I literally bought the same two today and drinking them now!! I could have the lemon pie all day and the strawberry cupcake is nice too! Defo a winner in my book!! X

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    1. I find it helps me, I don’t know if it’s the mental side of drinking it or it actually does help but I seem to get better losses when I have it that when I don’t xx


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