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20 Facts about me

  I have been tagged for this so many times on Instagram but it has taken me AGES to think of 20 things about me that could be considered even mildly interesting so I thought I would do it as a blog post.

1) I went to an all girls schools -It did make me a bit naïve when it came to boys but I preferred it! I think girls are a lot less bitchy when they’re not trying to impress boys!

2) I have a degree in events management – hate it, wouldn’t want to work in events management. I only picked it because it looked fun in the prospectus! Which is always a wise way to make career decisions! 

 3) I moved to Manchester for university and never went home! Not really anything to comment on that one. I had already decided I wasn’t moving back to Stevenage after 2 weeks of being in Manchester!

4) I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth! Lets face it I didn’t get to a size 20 from eating salads! I will eat anything sweet. A big part of slimming world for me is finding low syn alternatives for my favourite sweet treats. 9 times out of 10 my syns are used on chocolate.

5) I have a 2 year old son and I LOVE being a mummy – it’s the best thing in the world, I love playing with him and being silly. I’m not afraid of making myself look like an idiot if it makes him laugh

6) I didn’t want to have children or get married when I was younger – until I met Andy, I didn’t believe in marriage and I wasn’t Mummy material. He changed all that and I couldn’t be happier

7) My first crush was Neil Morrissey – yep bob the builder himself, I was about 12 at the time.

8) PJ and Duncan “Lets get ready to Rhumble” was the first single I bought myself, it was also number 1 the day I got married! (thanks to a revival on Ant and Decs Saturday night takeaway!)

9) I work as a planner for a company called Mears – I book the jobs in and plan the lads work.

10) I love to bake – BUT I refuse to do it when im on slimming world! I don’t have the willpower to resist the batter, offcuts or icing!

11) I have a SMALL group of close friends and I’m more than happy to keep it that way! Im not the most sociable of people. My ideal Saturday night is an evening curled up with Andy watching a film, so a smaller group of really close friends who I know I can rely on makes me happier than loads and loads of acquaintances.

12) I cant stand the noise of people rubbing their hands together, or rubbing suede or wool. Any thing that sounds really dry makes me freak out. My hands feel all dry and I have to put hand cream on! This is an Improvement to when I was younger, I used to lick my hands instead!

13) I am MESSY! – like really really messy. I always have been. I do try and change but it just doesn’t happen. When I was younger I would spend 6 hours every Saturday in my room because I wasn’t allowed out until I had tidied it!

14) I’m left handed- no comment on this one!

15) My last meal would be very pastry based – I LOVE pastry, it’s my most favourite thing. I would have a chicken and mushroom pie and chips and cherry pie and ice cream as my last meal.

16) I cant sleep in silence – I will put the TV on just to fall asleep to, and I have programmes that I will specifically put on to fall asleep to!

17) 1 CANT dance 0 honestly, I flounder. Mine and Andy’s first dance looked like 2 penguins on the ice for the first time, its hilarious
18) I have the worst memory – I can remember useless crap but when it comes to proper grown up stuff that I’m supposed to know its like a sieve. The information just falls out of my head! If someone asks me a random fact I know it but if it’s a phone number or the Oliver’s weight when he was born I have no idea (I know this is really bad, it makes me feel like a crappy mum but I just cant remember info like this!)

19) The only music I listen to is Country or Cheesy pop – Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood and b*witched are my faves and m not even ashamed to admit it!

20) I LOVE Christmas – like really, really LOVE it. I get giddy around November time and pester and mither Andy until the tree goes up. I Love Christmas jumpers, Christmas food, Christmas songs and Christmas TV. Im not allowed to work Christmas eve any more because I drive all the office mad. Mine and Andy’s first date was to go and get a Christmas tree and every year we go out together to buy a special ornament for it. We got engaged on Christmas eve and Oliver’s due date was Christmas eve too! Most of the most special things in my life happen around Christmas time and I just love it!

There you go! There’s 20 (kind iof, slightly) interesting facts about me, even if I was scraping the barrel on some of them!
K x


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