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PRODUCT REVIEW: soy crumbles

Today I was lucky enough to receive a delivery from! They are “an aroma product” and an alternative to candles. 

As a candle lover this was a product that hugely interested me when they launched in the uk a few weeks ago and when I received them earlier today I couldn’t wait to get them home to test them out. 

Basically they are crumbled soy wax that you scoop into a warmer with a tea light underneath so they melt to release the sent. Because they are already crumbled you can easily scoop out the desired amount or mix scents together without having to get messy breaking up tarts and getting wax everywhere! 

I used about a tablespoon sized scoop of the vanilla ice cream crumble (there’s LOADS left) and oh my gosh! The whole house smells amazing! I can see that the bag will last a while as I’ve had this burning a few hours now and the scent is still going strong, however it’s smells so delicious I think we will have this going A LOT! Vanilla ice cream with out the Syns? Yes please!

The website offers a massive variety of scents, tasty flavours as well as fresh and relaxing scents.You can get the burners and scoops there too. I would definately reccomend these, Go and check them out at or on insta (@soycrumblesuk)


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