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Confessing my Syns and How things have changed

I wanted to write this post to let you know that things DO change and it DOES get easier to make healthier decisions. 

Yesterday me and the husband went to London for the day for lunch and a show, it was a planned treat day where I had a rough idea what I would be eating.

Whereas a few months ago a treat day breakfast would have consisted of sugar, Calories, carbs and a hell of a lot of syrup, I chose cereal and milk with some fruit (using my healthy extras). Don’t get me wrong, I still love pancakes and waffles and chocolatey cereal and syrup BUT I knew that I had more to enjoy later in the day so would rather have saved room for that!

After walking to the train station (about a half hour walk, we could have got a lift but decided to go for some body magic instead!) the husband asked if I wanted any snacks or drinks for the train, don’t get me wrong I did eye up the chocolate bars, muffins and sugary, milky coffees but just got a water. This is the girl who a year ago never went out the house without a chocolate bar in her bag!

We went for lunch at a restaurant called Henry’s in Covent Garden (can’t recommend this place highly enough) where I spent at least 20 minutes browsing the menu. One thing I need to tell you here is that this restaurant does The Best Sweet Potato Fries In The World! I pretty much travelled to London from Manchester for these bad boys. There was never any way that I wasn’t going to get them! So I was looking at the menu trying to decide what to get to go with my side of sweet potato fries, rather than the all out synful mess that would have been a bacon cheeseburger or quadruple grilled cheese, I went for the open topped burger (less carbs) with avocado (high in Syns but so good for you!) and salad. And it was AMAZING! 

We then went on the hunt as it was a beautiful summers day and the Hybby wanted a 99 ice cream. We found one and!, ME! I turned down ice cream! Another massive change that the me of a year ago would never have done. But I had seen that Starbucks was doing a new marshmallow s’mores frappuccino and I wanted to try that later on in the day (which I did and was Well Worth it!)

After walking home from the station(with a pit stop at Make-a-Shake where again I didn’t order anything) we got a chippy tea, but rather than the pie, full portion of chips, curry and ketchup, I shared a small pie and chips with mum. I can’t come down south and not get a pukka pie from the chippy! But I Still left some of the chips and curry sauce, my eyes were bigger then my belly!

Pud was a London cheese cake that I couldn’t turn down as mum had for it in especially for me and it’s something else that we can’t get at home in Manchester.

My point is that even though I have MASSIVELY over synned, I can admit to it and move on, but also that it could have been SO much worse. A year or so ago, I would have made ALL the bad choices I made yesterday, rather than just some of them. It’s important to have the balance. Don’t deprive yourself of something that you REALLY Love it want, but don’t eat everything in site just because you can.

I hope you understand where I’m coming from and that this can help some onerealise that it really does get easier. It’s true when they say that slimming world is a way of life, and if you stick to it lit really can change your life forever. 



2 thoughts on “Confessing my Syns and How things have changed

  1. Love this!! I’m still at the stage where I binge but I don’t binge on as much as I used to so that’s progress. I agree with you completely and totally understand that even though you ate token many Syns it could have been a hell of a lot worse!! Well done missy you look fabulous xxxxx

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