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Date Night on the Purple Bus

Hi all! I’ve not done an update of any kind over the last few weeks so i thought i would let you know whats been happening in my life!

Saturdays weigh in was a bit of a dud at +2, HOWEVER considering when i weighed myself on Monday after my (waaaaayyyyyyy) off plan weekend in London i was showing at +5, i don’t think its too horrific. Since hitting my original target I’ve gained and lost the same few pound, think it might take a while to get to my second target of 9 and a half stone, but I want to get there by my holiday in August, fingers crossed!

We had beautiful weather here over the last weekend so Me and Oliver made the most of it while Andy was at golf! i filled his washing up bowl (part of his kitchen, i didn’t just buy him a washing up bowl, that would be random) with fairy liquid bubbles, dumped it in the garden with some bowls, spoons and other random buts and let him play his little wet socks off! he loved being able to make messes and run around, and the mess was all kept outside and easy to tidy up!


When he went down for his nap it was Mummys turn to enjoy the sun!


Saturday night was date night for me and the Hubby. While Oliver stayed at Nana and Grandads, we tested out the new guided bus route that has just opened near us to get to our favourite restaurant in town. It meant that we could both enjoy a drink and we didn’t have to stress about parking.

Cafe Istanbul in Manchester city centre will always be our date night restaurant, we love it there, the service is always brilliant and the food is AMAZING! i got the fishcakes with a mango sauce to start and we shared the Iskander (mixed grill) with rice and chips. We always get the same thing (we’re not very adventurous!) and it is always fantastic.

The next day we roped the In-Laws into helping us do the garden. At the moment its very bland, boring grass, and thats it. However after a few hours hard work we managed to dig out a border and an area for a water feature, as well as planting some bushes that had previously been in planters in the front and mowed the lawns. We’ve also laid down some grass seed and fertiliser hoping to improve the quality of the grass we’ve got! Then today, one of the LOVELY blokes at work gave me a tomato plant! Ive ordered a hanging basket on his instruction, so as soon as its here I will be planting Hugo (fantastic name for a tomato plant) outside and waiting for his speedy syn free produce!

By way of repayment, Andy got the BBQ out and cooked up a meaty feast. I stuck to slimming world burgers and sausages and roasted veg. Hoping that a week on plan and doing EESP days will get me a loss on those scales next week! wish me luck!

K x


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