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This week I was lucky enough to receive a VERY exciting delivery from the lovely people over at They are a company that make and deliver healthy snack balls packed with superfoods and made with 100% natural ingredients, straight to your door (in a box the right size for your letterbox so you don’t have to worry about being in for the delivery!)

Over on their website you can choose which bombz you like the sound of and they will create you a nutri-box and post it out to you. Each box costs £4.99 for 12 bombz and postage, which I think is a reasonable price in comparison to other healthy snacks on the market (bounce balls range from £1-£2 each and Nakd bars are about 70p each). I got a selection of the classic nutribombz and some breakfast bombz.

The packaging has all the necessary nutritional information on so I was easily able to work out the syns, they range from 3-5 syns per ball. This may seem high for something so small but they are very filling and sweet and WELL worth the syns. Also I would much rather use my syns on something healthy and natural like this rather than something full of chemicals and refined sugars. Oliver also decided that he liked the coconut ones but mummy’s not good at sharing food! 

After some extensive testing, so far my favourite is the choccy bomb (3.5 syns) which is gooey and sweet and reminds me of a Rum ball (totally LUSH!) closely followed by salted caramel and coconut ones. These are so good I can’t quite believe that they are made of all natural ingredients and not cake and chocolate and sugar!

Normally I have my breakfast a couple of hours after I wake up, so this morning I had a summer baobab breakfast bomb on my drive into work. Not only did it give me an early morning energy boost (a couple of people in the office commented that I seemed in a better mood than normal) but it gave me a sweet fix and kept the hunger at bay until breakfast time. I’m thinking of having one of these each morning as a first breakfast!
If your looking for something different to get that sweet fix and your trying to live a healthier lifestyle then I would definitely recommend these!

K x


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