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Healthy Extra: Alpen Lights

How much as a healthy extra?
2 as a B choice

Where can you get them from?

Tescos, Asda, morrisons, pretty much every supermarket, make sure they’re the Alpen LIGHT bars, not just normal Alpen cereal bars.

What do you do with it?

· Eat them as they are, as a snack

· Crumble over sweet quark and berries for a super filling breakfast that only uses ½ HEB

· Melt them and top with white chocolate flavoured quark (using 1 options white chocolate sachet, 2 syns) for a SW style cheesecake

· Crumble on top of low syn ice cream (walls light is 1.5 syns a scoop)

· Crumble it up, dip a banana in melted chocolate then in the alpen light for a nana chocolate lolly!

Any more ideas of what else I could use them for? Leave me a comment below

K x


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