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WEEKLY UPDATE:Eating out, Tomatoes and an EPIC ice cream sandwich!

Hello! I’m back again attempting to keep on track with weekly updates!

Because I over indulged on our meal out last week and I knew we were out this Saturday to celebrate my brother in laws birthday, I have done a week of SP days which meant a loss of 2 lbs on the scales (so thats just last weeks gain off). This takes me back to my lowest weight so far of 9.10.

Monday was a good day because i got two exciting deliveries, the first was a MAMMOTH Littles coffee order (the best flavoured coffee I’ve tried so far and its syn free, review here) 3 of us in the office got the 6 jar pic n mix box so it was coffee a-plenty! And the amazing people over at sent me some of their delicious products to sample (go and check out my review here)

For tea on Monday I made me and my man a syn free peri-peri chicken dinner with butternut squash chips and roasted veg. Although its not my first time making it, i FINALLY got around to typing the recipe up and posting it (here)

Tuesdays are always one of the worst days of the week for me, mainly because I do the late shift at work, but this week Andy asked me to pick him a chippy tea up on my way home!  I resisted though! Willpower level: expert! I stuck to plan with a super speedy chicken stir fry. I did make best use of my healthy extra A though by making a 3 syn chocolate milkshake, using HEA dark chocolate almond milk, 2 scoops of walls light ice cream (3 syns) and 1/2 tsp of sweetener) blended together so its thick.

The last few weeks i have been OBSESSED with my new discovery of garlic roasted baby plum tomatoes, I’m loving them at the moment. In fact that’s the main reason I’m so happy with the tomato plant that i have been given! i just want it to hurry up and fruit so i can eat these ALL the time! Wednesdays lunch was a ham and mushroom omelette with these tasty tomatoes on the side and then they were the main feature of my cheesy basil courgetti with tomatoes and chicken (recipe here)

All this week I’ve been listing my old clothes onto ebay, as all the stuff thats now too big is just sat taking up room in my wardrobe (and Andys wardrobe, and boxes, and a suitcase in the loft…) so I’m on a mission to sell as much as I can to make some room and get some holiday spends! (if anyone wants to have a look at what I currently have for sale, my username is kezz_g)

At the moment the Ben & Jerrys ice cream sandwiches are ALL OVER instagram, the little mini ones are 4 syns each and totally yummy BUT they’re tiny! So I thought I would get a bit creative and have a go and making a slimming world friendly version, and I have to say, I impressed myself! i made 2 giant oath cookies, leaving out the marshmallows (recipe here) then sandwiched 3 syns of walls light ice cream between them and drizzled with walden farms chocolate and caramel syrups. IT WAS SO GOOD!


All week I had been looking forward to Saturdays tea. We went to Solita in Prestwich and its definitely somewhere i would go again! the food and the service were amazing. I had guacamole (for the first time and i loved it!) with nachos, buttermilk fried chicken salad (with dressing AND croutons, something deep fried in a salad seems quite contradictory but it worked!) with a side of sweet potato fries and then the Solita sundae for dessert. Although I didnt actually finish any course I struggled to move after and i was still full this morning! IMG_6969.JPG

Then today has been the most productive day of the week! I dragged Andy out of bed at half 8 to go to the gym, I made good use of his freebie pass from the golf club! I remember when i first started going to the gym and i rang Andy so happy because I was able to run for  a minute without slowing or stopping, well today i ran for 14 minutes and for 2 KM which is the best i have ever done, it just motivates me to get out there and carry on now! I need to get practising for this 5K mud run we are doing next month, I don’t want to be the one to let our team down! After the gym we picked Oliver up and went home to do some more work on the garden. As a complete novice who has never gardened before, I’m really pleased with how its coming on! we now have a border with ACTUAL plants in it and an area marked out for the water feature. I even put the bracket for the hanging basket up myself! Don’t really think Olivers got the hang of how nature works though, he was digging so we asked what he was planting, his response?…. “A choc choc tree”!!



We went to Nandos for tea tonight with Family, Oliver was as good as gold eating his tea and I was as good as gold sticking to plan! I got 1/2 a chicken, plain (and removed the skin) with 2 side servings of salad then when they all went to the ice cream parlour I wasn’t even tempted. I am a changed woman these days!!

Hope you have all had a lovely week and if i can actually keep on track I will be back with another update next week. Leave a comment below if you have any questions and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if you try any of my recipes because I LOVE seeing all your pics!

K x


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