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How many syns?

Free, and it’s a protein so you can have it on SP days
Where can I get it from?
Most supermarkets do it, its in the cheese aisle with the Cottage cheese/ cheese spread

What do you do with it?

Because quark is flavourless its SO versatile! I use it for so many different things

· Mix with garlic, salt and tarragon for a garlic mayo substitute

• add a dollop to tomato based curry sauces to make them creamy

· Mix with an egg, Italian seasoning and garlic for a speedy pasta sauce

· Add sweetener and vanilla for a yogurt substitute on SP days

· Add a sachet of white chocolate options powder for a cheesecake topping

• Add to oats, an egg and some sweetner for perfect consistency baked oats!

· Add sweetener, and lemon flavouring to spread on top of baked oats for a zesty cake alternative
Do you have any more ideas of how I can use quark? Let me know below

K x


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