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WEEKLY UPDATE: gains and bank holiday binging

Are you ready for the biggest shock ever? We had a bank holiday… AND THE SUN WAS OUT! With the sun comes sunny, synful activities such as ice creams and BBQs. A gain on the scales this week really disheartened me, as much as I tried not to let it, so my brain was not in the right place to stick to plan and I had a binge. Not a massive one, in comparison to my pre slimming world eating it was just like any normal day, but in my head I knew I was over my syns so to me it’s a binge.
It started with chocolate and sweets on Saturday, then I stayed on plan Sunday and Monday but I couldn’t seem to make it past 4 pm! Ice cream, crisps and yet more chocolate were consumed! But I woke up motivated and determined to have a good week! I’m taking it back to basics, writing EVERYTHING down, 2 litres of water a day and 4 cups of green tea, and most importantly EXERCISE!

Now that I have lost the majority of the weight that I wanted to shift, I need to work on a body that I can be proud of (and show off, just a little bit!) and at the moment with the wobbly bits and the flabby bits, the saggy bits and the droopy bits, its more of a body that needs covering up than flaunting.

For me time is always an excuse not to work out. So I’ve signed up to an online personal trainer (link is on my Instagram page @swkerry23) so I can do the daily workouts at home when Oliver’s in bed or before work. Even better is that its cheaper than a gym membership and I can access the videos anywhere! I’m also continuing with my running. Each time I go out I can see that im able to go further and further without having to stop for a walk!

While the sun has been shining we’ve made more progress in the garden, some of our plants actually have flowers and my tomato plant is showing little tiny teeny tomato babies! At the weekend me and Oliver planted some strawberry plants (think of the money I’ll be saving growing all my own speedy foods!) and I’ve got some chive and basil pots from Tescos which I HAVE actually used in my cooking, despite Andy saying I wouldn’t!

The foody highlight of my week was the delivery of my silicone waffle mould. Baked oat waffles are my new favourite thing! I would definitely recommend this Ebay purchase, carrot and cinnamon is currently my top flavour but I’m wanting to try chocolate ASAP!Im fully expecting (another) gain on the scales this week, but that’s not going to stop me from working my (not so little) bum off to try and minimise the damage, Wish me luck!!

Hope you all have a fab week!

K x


One thought on “WEEKLY UPDATE: gains and bank holiday binging

  1. I totally understand as its sunny here and I am in barbecue mode ha ha ice cream, burgers and sweets!!! 😲 you can get back on plan x I know I will xxx we can’t stop living life dont feel guilty as long as we can get back on track that’s the main thing xx

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