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REVIEW: Fibre one brownies

Yes these little beasts may be expensive (£2.89 in Tescos when not on offer) and SMALL (think a tiny bit bigger than an after eight mint) but they are so so so so worth the money and the Syns!

Rocking in at 4.5 Syns each these chocolatey beasts are just like the real thing, with a dense fudgey sponge packed with chocolate chips and a chocolate drizzle on top. My favourite way to eat them? Slightly warmed in the microwave with a scoop of walls light ice cream (1.5 Syns) and a drizzle of Syn free chocolate sauce (see walden farms, myprotein, proteinworks etc) for a desert that may not look like much but does the job of satisfying that dessert craving!

Quite often these are on offer in the supermarkets so if you spot them I say stock up!! 

Let me know if you give them a go or if you already have and love them too!

K x


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