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So the gorgeous folks over at FRUITEATOX sent me a sample of the day and night tea blends to try out and share my thoughts, so that’s what I’m doing!
They look like posh teabags with a herby fruity scent, the night ones smell like sleep itself! Made with 100% natural ingredients, they claim to reduce bloating, aid digestion and weight loss, help improve sleep, fight fatigue and improve skin condition. Sounds to good to be true right?

Ingredients in the Lemon tea include Ginseng for fighting fatigue. Ginger root to soothe the digestive system, yerba mate to help you stay fuller for longer, liquorice root to fight fat in the blood and the night time Orange tea contains chamomile, lavender and valerian root to aid sleep, senna, and hawthorn leaves to improve circulation and blood pressure . The Senna is put in for its laxative effects but you only drink the night tea every other night to prevent “negative” effects (if you get what I mean!)
Well after a thorough testing of this product I’m converted! I’m not going to say that by drinking one cup you’ll go from a size 14 to a 6, it just doesn’t work like that. What I am saying is that personally my skin has been clearer, I’ve slept like a baby and I’ve not had to have a nap. Now to the weight loss bit… obviously I have been doing this alongside slimming world, its syn free and I haven’t had to make any changes to complete it. Each week I have drunk the tea I have had good losses (were talking 4lbs ach time, that’s a good loss for me) and I have noticed I have been less bloated.
So overall I’m saying it’s a win all round! To buy the 14 day teatox (which includes the day and night blends) is £19.99 or the 28 day teatox is £34.99 but you can currently get 20% off online with the code SW20
Let me know if you give it a go!
K x


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