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I’m trying to get this blog more organised (along with most of my life!!!) so I’ve come up with a posting schedule which hopefully I’ll stick to!! I have also started a youtube channel (just search Kerry swift) I’ve only posted one video so far (my top 5 tips for slimming world success) but theres another on the way and that’s included in my posting schedule so hopefully there’ll be regular content over there. I’m new to the video making/ editing lark though so please bear with me while I get to grips with it!! If there’s any topics for posts or videos that you want to see please let me know in the comments!

So, every Monday I’[m going to be posting a weekly catch up, to let you know how Saturday weigh in has gone and what we’ve been up to through the previous week.

This week got off to a slow start slimming world wise, I just couldn’t find the motivation to get back on track after my off plan weekend, but a meal plan, comparison pics and an IBS flare up gave me the kick start I needed to start afresh.
My favourite meal this week was definitely barbequed steak with butternut squash spicy bites and salad, we have to make the most of the sun when it eventually decides to make an appearance!

I made some butternut squash puree as well this week and have been using this in place of pumpkin puree (in baked oat waffles and porridge). I blended steamed butternut squash with Sukrin brown sugar sweetener and cinnamon and it was gorgeous! Will deffo be making this again to top up the amount of speed foods in my breakfasts and desserts.

A new discovery I made this week was the Skinny Bakery ( which is a range of low calorie baked treats. My favourite products that ive tried so far have been the chocolate pearls and the double chocolate meringue cookies. I’m planning a full review post on these later on this week so keep an eye out!!

Hope you all have a fantastic week and if you don’t see a catch up post on Monday then send me a message to shout at me! And don’t forget to tag me on insta (swkerry23) if you give any of my recipes a try, I love seeing your creations!!!

K x


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