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REVIEW: Skinny Bakery

Hiya, last week I got a very exciting email from the skinny bakery asking if they could send me some of their products to try out. Of course I said yes as I’ve had my eye on this company for a little while after seeing them ALL OVER Instagram.
So when I got my delivery the next day (amazing service!) I couldn’t wait to dig in and give everything a try! And I have to say that I was majorly impressed! I enjoyed all the products with 4 out of the 5 things being products I would buy again.

Chocolate Pearls – 2 syns each

A chocolaty sponge with a gooey tofu frosting. You cant tell that they contain tofu, they taste amazing, even the Hubby approved!
Double chocolate meringue cookies – 1 syn each

It was the smell that hit me first with these, as soon as you open the pot it’s a pure shot of chocolate, and they taste as good as they smell! A bit crispy and a bit chewy just like a good cookie should be!
Sweet potato chocolate brownies – 2 syns each
First off, you can’t tell that these are made from sweet potato. There is something a bit different about the texture but they were really chocolatey and did a good job of satisfying my cake craving!
Chocolate Chip cookies 1.5 Syns each

I loved these! I made the mistake of giving Oliver one and then I had to spend the rest of the week hiding them from him so I didn’t have to share the rest! Looks like a chocolate chip cookie and tastes like a chocolate chip cookie.
Skinny Coconut Bites – 2 syns each

These vegan coconut balls contain peanut butter, apple and prunes. These were nice but I don’t think I would order again, only because I would rather go for the chocolatey type bits rather than fruity ones.
Each product comes in a plastic pot or bag, with 4-6 products in each one. You can buy from the skinny bakery website ( whole foods and the Selfridges food hall.


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